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 Salvestrini Mansion is an ancient noble palace of 1.200, located on the Cisterna square in San Gimignano.

The high palace, located in front of the water cistern giving name to the square, was originally called Braccieri Palace. Already being “Spedale di Santa Maria della Scala”, it hosted pilgrims travelling along the Francigena route. In 1556 it became property of the Florentine “Spedale degli Innocenti”, taking its name and becoming a foundling hospital.

In 1918 it became a hotel, founded by Arturo and Gino Salvestrini brothers.  Since then it has remained property of the same family, who has always run it directly. We are now at the fifth generation. At the beginning the hotel had few rooms and only some years later  “Le Terrazze” restaurant was added. During the second world war the hotel had been requisitioned by Germans and it became military headquarters. The family had therefore to move to the basement and stay there until the Liberation of Italy by the Allied forces. With the end of the war and the increasing of Italian economy, the hotel was enlarged thanks to the purchase of some adjoining apartments. The widest enlargement has been anyway carried out in the Seventies. The hotel has been a set of famous movies, such as "Prince of foxes" (1949), "Miracles only happen once" (1951), "The meadow" (1979), "Where Angels Fear to Tread " (1991) and the more  recent and known “Tea with Mussolini” (1999).

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