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Le nostre ricette
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The recipes that we offer in our restaurant are the usual for decades and still maintain intact the taste of Tuscan cuisine made with simple ingredients. We decided to give you a little taste of our preparations. The doses are a bit 'heavy but it will not be hard to find food lovers that appreciate these delicacies.


Stewed wild boar

In Tuscany, for special occasions, the wild boar cannot miss on the table.

The wild boar is great with “polenta” because it absorbs the greaseness or used as ragout with a beautiful large and porous tagliatella.

The success of this dish is given on the ability to remove the wild from the meat because, as the whole game, it has a strong flavor which should be mitigated in order to appreciate the taste. One of the most used techniques is to keep the boar in a marinade of red wine, vinegar and odors for a night. We will reveal a little secret that will allow you to shorten the time: a pair of nuts together during cooking and these will absorb all the wild meat but then do not expect to eat them because they will be very bad!

Doses for 10-12 people

750 ml olive oil

3 kg of wild boar (boneless)

40 gr rosemary

70 gr garlic

1 kg of red onions

400 gr tomato paste

100 gr juniper berries

Salt and pepper q.b

700 ml red wine

2 whole walnuts

Cut the boar into very small cubes, like a stew, and sauté in olive oil.

Prepare a mixture of rosemary, garlic and onion. Add the mixture with the juniper berries, salt and pepper. Add the wine and let it evaporate over high heat. Once the wine has withdrawn, add the tomato paste, a glass of water and the whole nuts. Cook for about 2 hours on low heat. Add water if necessary. The meat should be tender but firm.


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