In the heart of San Gimignano

In the center of San Gimignano there exists the imposing Piazza della Cisterna. And right in the center of this extraordinary square you will find us.

The Hotel La Cisterna takes its name from the city's iconic Piazza della Cisterna.

It is in this piazza that the market, holy days and joustings have occurred for centuries.

Still today the piazza remains the pulsating heart of San Gimignano.

If you stand in the middle of the piazza, you will feel that you have always lived in San Gimignano - surrounded by the streets paved in stone, dotted with small handicraft shops, and overlooking the countryside of the Val d’Elsa that spreads out before you and reaches far beyond into the vanishing distance.

Breathe deeply! This is the fragrance of the majestic San Gimignano!

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Parking (Shuttle)

When you arrive at the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), we advise you to park outside the city's walls and come to us by city bus.

You might instead want to arrange transportation services with our hotel.

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