San Gimignano Wine

San Gimignano Wine

San Gimignano is the pearl of Chianti, a wide area in Tuscany where some among the best wines in the world are produced, and for this reason many come looking for wine tours or enogastronomic experiences. This lovely small Bourg has itself its own special wine tradition and it stood up in the wide panorama of Chianti wines thanks to four special bottles.

San Gimignano Rosso DOC

Its delicate ruby color and dry, thick and harmonious taste makes the San Gimignano Rosso a true experience for those who are looking for the finest flavors in Tuscany. It is usually served with savory dishes, typical of the region in order to confirm the strong flavors in an explosion of taste.

San Gimignano Rosato DOC

Much more delicate and refreshing than the San Gimignano Rosso, but definitely more decisive than the white, the San Gimignano Rosato is perfect after dinner or for an Aperitivo (pre-dinner) in the amazing sunsets of the Tuscan countryside. The light pink color fits perfectly in this picture of golden fields and burning orange sky.

Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG

Not everybody knows that San Gimignano is mostly praised for its “Vernaccia”, an exquisite sweet white wine.

The first historic trace of this fine wine dates back in the year 1276, when San Gimignano instituted a fee for its exportation. Vernaccia was even mentioned by the greatest Tuscan poets and literates like Dante and Boccaccio, and drank during the finest banquets of Lorenzo il Magnifico.

Its light yellow color, and its strong fruity taste is now a guarantee of quality and just by smelling it you can picture the sun that shines on the vineyards of San Gimignano and brings the grapes to maturations.

vin santoSan Gimignano Vin Santo DOC

Strictly to be served after lunch or dinner, the sweet and fruity San Gimignano Vin Santo is the cherry on top of every meal, especially if served with some Cantucci, dry almond cookies.

In the center of San Gimignano there is also a museum that celebrates Vernaccia and the other wines from the San Gimignano area where you can know more about the long tradition of wine-making through videos, pictures, interactive experiences and, most of all, tasting! (Free admission - open every day from 11.30 to 18.30)

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