The Via Francigena and San Gimignano

The Via Francigena and San Gimignano

The Via Francigena - the road that in the Middle Ages travelers travelled along to go on pilgrimage to the tomb of the Apostle Peter in Rome - has indelibly marked the history of San Gimignano.

Including some of the most spiritual places known in Italy, the Via Francigena passes also from San Gimignano, where Hospitals and hospices were built in order to shelter and care for the pilgrims.

Unfortunately, these years many travelers have preferred to follow the road in the valley avoiding the beautiful historic city center in order to use the easiest path, but recently, thanks to a rebirth of cultural and religious tourism, pilgrims have returned to the ancient Via Francigena in San Gimignano, as it was originally conceived.

It is no coincidence that in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall you can find depicted St. Christopher, patron saint of pilgrims and travelers.

In San Gimignano there are also many prominent religious centers where the pilgrims were welcomed and cared for:

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of Pancole was built in 1668 to celebrate a miracle of the Virgin

The Church of Cellole, built shortly before 1000, was long the place for the reception of pilgrims

The Church of St. Francis, of which today remains only the original façade, was born as the Hospital of the Order of the Knights of Jerusalem, where the pilgrims were hospitalized

The Church of St. James the Temple, built in the thirteenth century, according to legend was founded by the Knights Templars returning from the First Crusade and was long asylum for pilgrims. Here it was found a shell, a symbol of the pilgrims who came from Santiago de Compostela that were going to Rome.

The Church of St. Augustine in the walls, dating back to the Middle Ages, still hosts great masterpieces, such as the frescoes of Benozzo Gozzoli, the paintings of the school of Ghirlandaio and majolica tiles by Andrea della Robbia.

For those in search of spirituality and culture that want to make a stop in San Gimignano along the route of the Via Francigena, there is no better hotel than Hotel La Cisterna, in the homonymous ancient square, since this building was for centuries is a place of refuge and shelter for pilgrims on the road.

A great way to rediscover - away from unnecessary luxuries - the warm and authentic atmosphere of San Gimignano.

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